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28 February 2016 - Academy Awards
12 April 2016 - Downsizing to start filming (in Toronto until 11 July)
3 June 2016 - Matt to deliver the commencement address at MIT
29 July 2016 - Jason Bourne to be released
23 November 2016 - The Great Wall to be released
  • The title of Bourne 5 is Jason Bourne. A teaser trailer, Twitter account, website, Facebook page, Instagram page and poster have also been released. An article at EW also has some new quotes.

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    “You have to do something great and new, and Alicia is our great and new,” Damon said of Swedish actress joining the franchise. “One thing about these movies is that the casts are so good. I always feel so amazed at the people we get. If we have any kind of formula, it’s hiring the very best actors we can to fill out these roles and Alicia and Tommy Lee are two absolute heavyweights.”

  • Matt, Lucy and friends participated in a half marathon on Sunday. Photos and an interview with Matt are at the OC Register:

    Some of the 16,000 runners at the Surf City marathon on Sunday may have thought their post-race delirium got the best of them.

    But they really did see “The Martian.”

    Actor Matt Damon ran the half marathon, then posed for selfies with fans as he waited with some buddies for his wife Luciana Barroso to finish.

    “My wife wanted to do it. I've been working out of town for the last couple weeks so I was in no position to say no to her,” he said with a laugh. “For not training, I think we did well.

    “We broke two hours,” he said, referring to himself and his friends.

    Damon said he arrived in Surf City at 2 a.m., coming from the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles, held Saturday evening. He caught a few hours of shuteye at a hotel before hitting the pavement, he said.

    “I was on the fence this morning. I woke up and was like I don't know (about this),” he said, noting the early hour. “Once I got going, I was ok.”
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  • Matt attended the Director's Guild Awards on Saturday and presented a medallion to Ridley Scott. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won the major prize. Photos, including a pic with Joel Edgerton, are from Zimbio.

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    Steve Pond‏@stevepond
    Ridley Scott on Matt Damon: "he's worth every penny. He's really expensive. I mean, really fucking expensive." #DGAawards

  • A photo of Matt and Ridley from The Wrap by Patrick Fraser, via JohnSant87.

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  • Matt is expected to attend the Oscar nominees luncheon on Monday.

  • Reminder: The new trailer for Bourne 5 will air during the Super Bowl.
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  • A new interview with Matt from Sundance, mostly about water.org, is at the Independent.

    Affable as well as self-deprecating, Damon brushes off speculation that he might win the Best Actor prize, although he took home a Golden Globe a few weeks ago. “Oh, I think there are other performances that might deserve it more,” he says, diplomatically.

    But he won’t be drawn on whether that should be his co-star in The Departed, Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also in the Best Actor frame for The Revenant. He flashes that action-hero smile. “Leo’s my buddy,” is all he will say.

  • Matt is now confirmed for in George Clooney's Suburbicon, to film later this year - more details were provided by George at Variety:

    You’re also directing “Suburbicon,” starring Matt Damon, from a screenplay they wrote around the time of “Blood Simple.”
    Clooney: It’s an interesting story. It takes place in the suburbs in 1947. It’s kind of a thriller. It’s kind of a comedy. It’s a very dark comedy from a young man’s point of view about all the things that are going wrong in his house.

    Why did you decide to finally make it?
    When I was doing “O Brother,” they sent it to me and asked if I was interested. It just never got legs. All the other movies came and got going. This one was commissioned, so it sat around. For the last year, I’ve been looking for something to direct. I called Bryan Lourd, my agent. I said, “How many movies have I looked at?” He said, “About 85 in the last year.” A lot of them are being made. But I just thought, it’s not in my wheelhouse or it’s not my taste. Then I remembered “Suburbicon.” I had an old script on my shelf. I called up the boys and said, “You’re not doing anything with it, are you?” They were like, “No.” So I said, “I’d like to take a crack at it.”

  • The Playlist reports Matt may be involved with a secret project between Downsizing and Suburbicon, but it's unlikely to be a new Steven Soderbergh project, which Matt was incorrectly attached to this week.

  • Incorporated, a TV project from Matt and Ben's production company, has been picked up by SyFy.

  • The new Bourne movie continues to film in Las Vegas.
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  • The first trailer for the new Bourne movie will air during the Super Bowl on 7 February. The title will also be revealed.

  • A few photos from the Instagram of Eduardo Ramirez Gonzalez, who filmed scenes for a 'Journey to the Oscars' shoot with Matt in recent days at Aria in Las Vegas.

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  • The Martian is now Matt's most successful domestic film after it surpassed the box office of The Bourne Ultimatum. It has now made $227,640,426 in the US and Canada, and an additional $370,553,098 in other markets, with Japan still to come.

  • Matt's comments at the Q&A following the premiere of Manchester by the sea in Sundance are at Variety.

    Matt Damon: The question was how I came across the script. We went to Kenny with this idea, and had a little discussion with him — John Krasinski and I did. It was like seven years ago. [Kenny tells him it wasn’t that long.] It was three years ago? Casey and I did one of Kenny’s plays in London 14 years ago. Kenny is our favorite writer.

    The idea was for me to direct this movie, and I think John was going to be in it, and then I think I was going to be in it. Once I read a very, very rough draft — it was about 4,000 pages — I just begged Kenny, I said you have to direct it. He eventually saw the wisdom. Then I was going to be in it, Kenny was going to direct me in it, and in a bizarre and atypical fit of generosity, I gave it to Casey.

    It’s one of the best roles I’ve ever seen. Basically, what happened — I had a full slate. I wouldn’t be able to do this movie until next year. They could go last year with Casey. I didn’t want to get in the way of a great movie getting made. I already said to Kenny, I wouldn’t give this role up to anybody but Casey Affleck, and Casey instantly took the role. I never made it through this script without crying, and I never made it through any iteration of any cut of this movie without crying. It’s absolutely devastating. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever come across. I wish I was in it, but I’m happy to just be attached to it.
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  • Manchester by the sea has premiered in Sundance to great reviews. Matt and John Krasinski brought the story to Kenneth Lonergan for a project that Matt would direct and John would star in. Matt ended up withdrawing due to other commitments, and Casey Affleck is now the lead with Lonergan directing. Matt, Lucy and nephew Jackson attended the premiere. More photos are at the Daily Mail.

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  • A Hollywood Reporter interview with the cast is here. Kris Tapley's interview with Lonergan about the process is available at Variety.

    There was a time Matt Damon was going to star in this for you but he dropped back to a producer position in the end. What level of involvement did he have in that capacity?
    Lonergan: It was a process because first he and John Krasinski came to me. The initial idea for the story was John Krasinski’s, and Matt was going to direct it and John was going to be in it. And then I wrote the script and by that time John was doing other things and Matt was going to be in it and direct. Then he decided he was just going to be in it and he didn’t want to direct it. And then his schedule just didn’t allow him to be in it, so he said, “Well, if I’m not going to be in it the only person I’d be comfortable having do the part would be Casey, otherwise I’d rather wait a couple years and do it later. But Casey wants to do it and Casey’s available.” And somewhere along the way he persuaded me to direct it, but it hadn’t started out that way.

    I think it might have been written differently if I had known I was going to direct it. I don’t know how, it’s just a different mindset. There are things I didn’t worry about. I thought, “Well, they’ll figure that out in the editing. I’m not going to direct it so I don’t have to worry about that,” and then it turned out I was the one who had to figure it out and worry about it. So he pretty much guided the project from, I would say, a pretty close involvement in making it happen to a sort of overseeing position later on. He read all the drafts, he saw all the cuts. I got his input whenever I wanted it and needed it, but he wasn’t there on a day-to-day capacity. He was the ultimate authority to go to whenever we needed help or that kind of thing.

  • Matt has continued to film Bourne 5 in Las Vegas all week. An interview with Alicia Vikander about the film is at The Wrap, with a tumblr link here, and a partial transcript at EW.

    Speaking with The Wrap, Vikander said, “I’m not doing the conventional action but I’m very action-driven in this film. But it’s not in the way most people would think.”

    She continued, “I came from Sweden where it’s like 30, 40 people, and here on The Danish Girl, doing a British film, it’s 100, and then you end up on these sets, and I know on Monday or Tuesday we’re going to have 1,600 extras just in one scene.”

    Continuing with The Wrap, Vikander said, “I hadn’t met Matt, I was just the biggest fan. He’s very funny on set and then he’s just extremely cool as Bourne, but we all know that.”

  • Matt participated in a Stella Artois promotion for water.org after the premiere at Sundance. An article about the panel discussion is at ABC News. It was announced earlier that Matt will be visiting the Philippines in February on behalf of water.org.
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  • Matt and Lucy, in a Naeem Khan dress, attended the Critics Choice Awards in LA on Sunday. The Martian did not receive any awards.

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  • The Martian received seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Matt, but Ridley Scott was not nominated for Best Director. A full list of nominations is here.

    Best Picture - Simon Kinberg, Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer and Mark Huffam, Producers
    Best Actor - Matt Damon
    Best Adapted Screenplay - Drew Goddard
    Best Visual Effects - Richard Stammers, Anders Langlands, Chris Lawrence and Steven Warner
    Best Production Design - Production Design: Arthur Max; Set Decoration: Celia Bobak
    Best Sound Editing - Oliver Tarney
    Best Sound Mixing - Paul Massey, Mark Taylor and Mac Ruth

  • Producer Simon Kinberg discussed his surprise and disappointment at Ridley Scott's omission:

    It was a good Oscar nominations morning for the The Martian. The film, starring Matt Damon as stranded astronaut Mark Watney, received seven nominations, including best adapted Screenplay, best actor for Damon, and best picture. But, in one of the biggest surprises of the morning, director Ridley Scott was not nominated for top honors in his category.

    “It’s very upsetting,” says Martian producer Simon Kinberg. “We’re all shocked about it for all the obvious reasons. The movie was extraordinarily directed and I thought the best directed movies of the year. There’s no question that he’s one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and it felt like this move was an opportunity to honor that. This movie got a lot of nominations and the film is a testament to his talent and his artistry and his humanity. There’s a lot of his heart in this movie.”

    Kinberg says he woke up at 4:45 this morning. “My body was like Christmas morning waiting to see if there was anything under the tree,” he says. “While I’m elated about the nominations we got for Matt and [screenwriter] Drew Goddard and everyone in the movie, all of these people at the end of the day march to Ridley’s drums. I’m happy for all of us and I’m happy for Ridley because he’s now a nominee as a producer of the movie. But I do not know how he could have been overlooked as a director.”

  • A statement from the producers is at E Online:

    The men behind The Martian, including director Ridley Scott and producers Michael Schaefer and Mark Huffam were more than pleased with the news.

    "We are genuinely honored, delighted and grateful for the very generous recognition our film received today from the Academy. THE MARTIAN was a demanding shoot and a true collaboration between every single person associated with it," they said in a statement. "So to see so many of our team members receive nominations this morning is particularly gratifying. A deeply heartfelt thank you to all the members of the Academy."
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  • More photos from the Golden Globes, including the Fox after-party. Photos are from Zimbio, PopSugar, Daily Mail, Twitter and Matt Damon Daily tumblr.

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