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3 July 2016 - Matt and Alicia Vikander to attend the Australian Jason Bourne premiere - Sydney
5 July 2016 - Matt at the Sunrise studio - Sydney (early morning for breakfast television)
11 July 2018 - Matt and Alicia Vikander to attend the UK Jason Bourne premiere - London
18 July 2016 - Jason Bourne premiere in Las Vegas
20 July 2016 - Jason Bourne screening in Boise, Idaho (Matt to attend)
29 July 2016 - Jason Bourne to be released
October 2016 - Suburbicon to start filming in Los Angeles
17 February 2017 - The Great Wall to be released
25 December 2017 - Downsizing to be released (date TBC)

Currently filming:
Downsizing in Toronto
  • Matt and Alicia Vikander will be in Sydney for the premiere of Jason Bourne next Sunday. Matt will be interviewed on next Sunday's episode of 'Sunday Night' on Channel 7 (Australia) - a preview of the pre-taped interview is here. The video will then be available on the show's website.
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  • Matt and Alicia Vikander will be in Sydney, Australia for the premiere of Jason Bourne on 3 July.

  • An instagram post from Ben for National Best Friends Day: here.

  • Video from Matt and Ben's acceptance speech at the Guys Choice Awards: here.
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  • Matt has recorded a PSA about the upcoming Yulin Dog Festival - details at National Earth Official's Instagram

  • Matt and Ben received their Spike Guys Choice Awards on Saturday as joint recipients of Guys of the Decade. Report is at the Boston Globe, People and In Style. Photos are at Zimbio.

  • From an interview with Matt at the MIT Tech:

    The Tech: I review movies for [The Tech]. I wonder, as an actor, what is your least favorite trope? Do you ever just read a script and go, ‘Seriously? You’re gonna make me do that?’
    Damon: I think nowadays I’m so depressed about ... things because movies have changed since I was where you are. That was 25 years ago. Because of these bigger influences on the business, now they’re making these giant, giant movies that are these 300 million dollar behemoths, and they’re all about people in capes running around...

    I’d say what irks me the most right now is that the movies that were my bread and butter, you know, the Good Will Hunting-type movies, or The Informant, or movies like that, that range from say 20 to 60 million dollars and are about people talking to each other, have just evaporated. They’re just gone. They’re not being made anymore. They’re either being migrated to television, or they have to be made for extremely low budgets. And they’ve been replaced by these 500 million dollar juggernauts that the movie audience doesn’t seem to be getting tired of. And that’s what’s alarming, like normally these things move in phases and there’s a correction, there’s kind of a re-correction and a rebalance and we kind of get back to how we all like entertainment. But right now, it looks like there hasn’t been that correction. In fact, I’m thinking of one thing that bothers me; it’s that the scripts have become so simple, and the stories have become so simple and predictable, and we’re not getting tired of them yet.
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    • Matt delivered the commencement speech at MIT on Friday in front of Lucy, their children, his parents and brother. The full text is available here, and video is available here. Matt received a pirate certificate after the speech. Reports are at the Boston Globe here and here.

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      Matt Damon had an important message to share with MIT graduates: “There is more at stake today than in every story that has ever been told.”

      Damon was equal parts fiery and inspiring while addressing students at MIT’s 2016 commencement ceremony Friday morning. He spent sections of his speech lambasting bankers and Donald Trump, touting Elizabeth Warren, and urging students to take the issues of income inequality and global warming seriously.

      Damon’s speech wasn’t 100 percent serious, however. He joked about attending Harvard University and walking with his graduating class despite never actually graduating. Damon dropped out 12 credits shy of completing a degree in English to pursue acting full-time.

      “You can imagine how excited I was when President Reif wanted me to speak at the MIT commencement, and how sorry I was to learn that the MIT commencement speaker does not get to go home with a degree,” Damon said. “So, yes, for the second time in my life, I’m fake graduating from a college in my hometown.”

      Damon ended his speech by telling graduates that the future belongs to them, but they need to tackle the pressing issues facing society immediately.

      “I hope you’ll turn toward the problem of your choosing,” Damon said. “And I hope you’ll drop everything, and I hope you’ll solve it.”

      “This is your life, class of 2016. This your moment. It is all down to you. Ready, player one; your game begins now.”

    • A new interview with Matt is at Sharp magazine, and scans of the Total Film interview are available here. A deleted scene from The Martian is at Yahoo.

    • There is a new Omaze competition to win a trip to the Jason Bourne world premiere in Las Vegas and meet Matt - details here.

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  • Moby confirmed he has recorded a new version of Extreme Ways for the end credits of Jason Bourne, and has already seen the film.

    To date, Moby has landed six Grammy nominations for his music, though many folks likely know his sound from the movies. His instantly recognizable jam “Extreme Ways” serves as the theme to the “Bourne” franchise starring Matt Damon. Just like John Barry and Monty Norman are tied with their signature “007” theme, Moby is forever tied with Jason Bourne for his badass “Bourne” theme.

    The fifth installment, “Jason Bourne,” is set to hit movie theaters on July 29.

    “I’ve seen a rough cut of it, and honestly, it’s really special,” Moby said. “Matt Damon is back involved, as is (director) Paul Greengrass, and it’s really exciting. I’ve done the closing credits for that as well.”

  • Actor James van der Beek is also in Downsizing, as he confirmed on his Instagram, and attended a baseball game with Matt and Kristin Wiig in Toronto last week.

  • Matt is providing the commencement speech at MIT on Friday 3 June at 10am. A live webcast will be available here.
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  • Matt did a photo shoot for GQ in Los Angeles a few days ago. Photos are at Zimbio and the Daily Mail.

  • Matt and Ben will be awarded the 'Guys of the Decade' at the upcoming Guy's Choice Awards. Details are at People.
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  • Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of Suburbicon. Details at The Wrap.

    wo-time Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson is joining the star-studded cast of George Clooney‘s dark domestic dramedy “Suburbicon,” TheWrap has exclusively learned.

    Matt Damon is set to star alongside Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac. Black Bear Pictures is financing the project, which Paramount acquired out of the Berlin Film Festival.

    Joel and Ethan Coen wrote the script, and the film is being produced by Joel Silver of Silver Pictures, Teddy Schwarzman of Black Bear, and Clooney and Grant Heslov of Smokehouse Pictures.
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  • Matt is interviewed for the new issue of Town and Country magazine to discuss his work with Gary White and water.org. The interview is available online here. Photos and excerpts are at the Daily Mail.

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    One of the reasons Damon and White get along so well is that they are smart, cerebral men; for them solving the water crisis is a highly intellectual exercise. But I'm curious about the emotional impact. Has Damon ever felt joy in this work?

    "That's a funny thing," he says. "There are fewer moments than if I was doing something much more specific at a local level. For me Water.org was always about maximizing impact. But I also have four daughters, and this is an issue for girls. And the people I talk to are girls, and sometimes the same age as my kids. So there is obviously going to be a connection there."

  • Matt and Frank Marshall will return to Boise on 20 July for the Jason Bourne premiere.
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  • Matt was in Javea, Spain, with family for the weekend for Lucy's brother's wedding. A report is at ABC.es.
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