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Matt Damon News Column
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Summer 2018 - Filming 'Untitled Ford v Ferrari movie'
28 June 2019 - 'Untitled Ford v Ferrari movie' to be released
  • James Mangold has started filming the Untitled Ford v Ferrari movie (currently filming as Le Mans 66) in Le Vieux Mans, France. Photos from the set, including Christian Bale, are at Ouest-France and Maville.com.

  • Matt and Gary White's interview with CNN during their trip to Indonesia with water.org is available here.
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  • Matt may star in a new project for Universal called King of Oil - from the Hollywood Reporter:

    Matt Damon is in early talks to star as disgraced billionaire Marc Rich in Universal's The King of Oil.

    The studio optioned Daniel Ammann's book The King of Oil: The Secret Lives of Marc Rich for John Krasinski’s Sunday Night Productions. Krasinski, who is red-hot after directing the horror hit A Quiet Place, will produce the biopic, which sheds new light on one of the most controversial international businessmen of all time. The book was first published by St. Martin's Press in 2009.

    Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse will adapt the screenplay.

    The hope is that Damon, who has a long history with the studio, including the Bourne franchise, will star as the businessman, who fled to Europe rather than face a prison sentence. The late Rich, who was once married to songwriter Denise Rich, was eventually pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office. The pardon was controversial because Denise Rich had made large contributions to Hillary Clinton's New York Senate campaign and to the Clinton Library foundation.

  • Matt is currently in Jakarta for Water.org with brother Kyle and Gary White.
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  • Jon Bernthal may be a new cast member for Ford v Ferrari - from AV Club:

    According to Deadline, The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal is making a big push for a role in Logan director James Mangold’s Ford V. Ferrari, which is set to feature certified movie stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale. The movie is about the feud between Ford and Ferrari as they both competed to win Le Mans in 1966, and Bernthal would play Ford marketing executive—and future Chrysler boss—Lee Iacocca. Damon and Bale are reportedly playing Ford engineer Carroll Shelby and British Ford driver Ken Miles, so it seems safe to assume that the two of them would occasionally share a scene with Iacocca, so Bernthal would probably have a relatively important role in the story if he gets this gig.
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  • Matt will start filming in the summer a new project with director James Mangold and Christian Bale - details at the Hollywood Reporter:

    Outlander star Caitriona Balfe and A Quiet Place breakout Noah Jupe are joining Christian Bale and Matt Damon in Fox’s untitled Ford vs. Ferrari movie.

    James Mangold, the filmmaker behind last year’s acclaimed Logan, is directing the feature, which will shoot this summer in Los Angeles. Chernin Entertainment is producing.

    The story revolves around car manufacturer Ford’s quest to beat Ferrari as the top maker of race cars. Damon is playing Carol Shelby, the eccentric engineer who designs from scratch the Ford GT 40, the car that just may win the 1966 Le Mans race, while Bale is portraying Ken Miles, the hotshot British racer who drives it.

    Balfe will play Bale’s wife, who is also an accomplished driver, and Jupe will play Bale’s son, worried about the dangers his dad faces on the track.
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  • Lucy spoke with Vogue Australia while in Sydney with Elsa Pataky to attend a few Fashion Week shows - from Vogue:

    Damon, who is extremely private and has never officially spoken publicly, granted her first interview to Vogue Australia and discussed being best friends with the Hemsworths and why the Damons relocated to Byron Bay (which we will reveal in the coming days), and how her real-life Hollywood romance began.

    At the time Lucy was raising her daughter Alexia (then 4) as a single mum; something she says was one of the things that attracted Matt to her.

    “We definitely had a connection right away, it was so easy to talk to each other we were very comfortable [with each other], and by the end of the night he invited me to go out with his friends. But I was like: ‘I can’t, I have a four-year-old daughter, I’m not going anywhere'… and that was one of the things he loved, that I had a daughter. He said: ‘I love that you’re a mum and that’s your priority’. Some guys might have been different, they might think it’s complicated, but for him it wasn’t. When you meet somebody that you have a connection with, that’s just the person that you have a connection with, all the other stuff— the movie-star part—wasn’t really a factor. It was just Matt, to me he’s just Matt.”

    The Damons recently moved with their daughters to Byron Bay for a temporary break from Hollywood and to heal from a tumultuous 12 months in which Matt lost his beloved father Kent, who passed away from cancer.

    Despite run-ins with jellyfish and giant pythons in their new Australian home, the family is loving Byron Bay where they live next door to the Hemsworths, spend their time surfing and riding horses, and generally enjoying life in their new “paradise”.

    Asked what the secret to a successful Hollywood marriage is, Lucy says she has “no idea! I just know I think we both feel, really, really lucky to have met each other so we don’t take that for granted. It’s life and marriage, so there’s ups and downs you know, but overall it’s easy and it’s fun. And he’s such a good dad.”
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  • Matt flew back to LA after a holiday in Australia for a few days, but has returned to Sydney with Chris Hemsworth - photos and video are at the Daily Mail.

  • Alexander Payne talked about the difficulties in making Downsizing and its critical reception at Indiewire.
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  • Matt and family have been on holiday in Australia visiting Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and family.

  • Matt's mother Nancy Carlsson-Paige discussed Matt's holiday and upcoming plans at the Boston Herald:

    Matt Damon is once again hanging out in Australia with Hollywood pal Chris Hemsworth, which has only refueled last month’s refuted rumors that he was relocating his family to the country for political reasons. But the trip Down Under has long been on the docket for Damon and it doesn’t mean he’s moving there full time.

    “That’s crazy!” Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Damon’s mother and a professor at Lesley University, told the Track shortly after the rumors first arose.

    “Matt is going to Australia for a bit, then to Spain, then to Atlanta — he travels a lot,” she added.
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  • Matt and Gary White made a number of appearances to promote World Water Day, including a Bloomberg podcast and a Bloomberg Markets video and The Daily Show. Matt also talked about Ben's tattoo.

  • Matt also spoke about his current plans at Today:

    As for the future, Damon, who lost his dad in December to multiple myeloma, is going to play things by ear.

    “I took all of last year off to be with my dad. It didn’t feel like time off. I might just take another year and regroup. I don’t know what’s next, is the truth. Not working, for me; I’ll still be so busy with the kids and water.org that I’ll be occupied," he said. "I don’t want to sit and stew. But I don’t think I’ll have a lot of idle time. I think there’s a big recalibration.”
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  • Matt is not expected to attend, but a new thread to discuss the Oscars or other topics.
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