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O13 (and first photos), rumored project, video

  • An update on Ocean's Thirteen filming from the Review Journal:

    George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon shot scenes for "Ocean's Thirteen" at McCarran International Airport and the Sundance heliport on Monday. Judging from the flurry of activity at The Venetian's Palazzo construction site, the shoot is moving there today.

  • A blog at indiewire randomly mentioned that a film version of Richard Yates' novel Revolutionary Road was "good to go until Sam Mendes dropped out because Matt Damon couldn't commit".

    I hadn't heard of the project before, or Matt potentially being attached, but it had some great elements. The movie seemed to be set up for Mendes to direct his wife Kate Winslet in their first project together, according to this posting at Discover Reviews of the book are available at Amazon.

  • The Wall Street Journal article about the proposed Star Trek film is now available online (for the moment) at this link. Thanks to the author Andrew LaVallee.

  • Update: Many thanks to Julie for uploading a clip from VH1's Celebrity Wedding Secrets at the following YouTube location: here.

  • Update: The first on-set photos with Matt from the set of Ocean's Thirteen in Las Vegas are at Sky Showbiz, including the following. More pics have also been posted at Just Jared.

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
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