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O13, photos

  • More photos from the set of Ocean's Thirteen are at Just Jared, Keystone, and Us magazine's blog (below), with video at Splash.

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • The latest on the filming from the Review Journal, which also reports that the film's premiere may take place in Las Vegas.

    Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia, shooting back-of-the-house office scenes for "Ocean's Thirteen" at Bellagio on Wednesday.

  • And People previews a story in their latest issue (main focus on Brad Pitt), including references to the O13 filming:

    That's not to say he [Pitt] isn't having a blast with his costars. "These guys are amazing together," says one set source. "It's like they've never been apart. They're working hard, but they're having a lot of fun making the movie."

    Says another on-set observer, "it's been like coming back from summer vacation and being with your friends. Just guys out there having fun."

    Still, that fun doesn't include much after-hours carousing for the newly family-oriented stars (Damon, like Pitt, is a new father – he and wife Luciana welcomed daughter Isabella in June, and he's stepdad to Luciana's daughter Alexia, 8). "They have a great time working together," says a source, "but they're on the set at 5:30 in the morning."

  • A discussion of early reports on The Good Shepherd from Jeffrey Wells' column is here.

  • In sad news, Robin Williams has entered an alcohol treatment facility after 20 years of sobriety.
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