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  • A late sighting from gawker:

    Tuesday 12/28 around lunchtime, saw Matt Damon walking with his girlfriend, and another couple up Broadway by 9th St. Looked very cute in a black coat and black knit cap.

  • From the 'best of' list by Robert Osbourne (Hollywood Reporter):

    Best sequel: "The Bourne Supremacy," the film that officially added the designation "star" to Matt Damon's moniker, also a movie that's twice as good as its 2002 predecessor.

  • And from the news section of Cinecitta (Rome studio) about the Italian press conference for O12:

    Matt Damon took the time to thank his friend George and the director Soderbergh "for having a certain weight in Hollywood today with their production company, Section Eight, which allows for the development of minor films, small stories, that would have never have made it into cinemas otherwise".
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