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O13, Departed, photos

  • The remainder of the Las Vegas filming for Ocean's Thirteen will take place in mid-September - from the Review Journal:

    "Ocean's Thirteen" cast members return to Las Vegas in mid-September for about a week, several days longer than the initial plan. Most of the Steven Soderbergh-directed shooting will be out of the Bellagio.

  • The only advertisements during the one-hour first episode of new show Smith on CBS will be for The Departed - details at Variety.

  • Can anyone with access to Bruno Press identify whether the latest pics on their site of Matt and Isabella are the same as the pics from the O13 set, or if they've available in a larger size (or better quality) than the ones already posted? The site is here. Thank you.

  • Update: These may be the pictures mentioned above - small photos from Splash of Matt and family leaving a health food restaurant in West Hollywood.

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