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Departed stills, Toronto event

  • New stills from The Departed are at Just Jared.

  • There's a great new concept in gift bags for the Toronto charity event - a charity donation in an individual's name. Details here, including:

    Open the case and inside will be an Umbra-framed note, letting the lucky stars know that a donation has been made in their name to the ONE X ONE foundation, which has raised millions in the past for a fusion of national and international causes.

  • And another story about the One X One event from, including this response from organiser Joelle Adler:

    Once we get through this Sunday’s event, we’ll start creating the blueprint for next year. To tell you honestly, we have discussed with Matt to do it two years in a row. He’s keen on it and it would be amazing if we can get him to commit to two years for us. We would be thrilled to death. I have been talking to his people and partners and I can’t tell you enough how kind and giving they are. They are amazing.
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