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One X One event raises over $2 million

  • A press release reports that the One X One event raised over $2 million.

    Founder of ONE X ONE, Joelle Berdugo Adler, announced today that the ONE X ONE Benefit gala last night was a resounding success raising over 2M dollars to financially assist earmarked charities.

    Academy Award Winner Matt Damon hosted the 2nd Annual ONE X ONE with special guests Brad Pitt, Jeffrey Sachs, Penelope Cruz and many more.

    As auctioneer, Matt Damon was able to raise $260,000 on one item - The Ocean's 13 Premiere in Los Angeles combined with an HP Home Entertainment package. Leveraging his friend Brad Pitt in order to create a bidding war, the sold out crowd of over 500 people from around the world were able to share in the excitement. Soon after, Wyclef Jean and the African Children's Choir wowed the crowd with Wyclef's own ONE X ONE improv set.

    Another live auction item, a Smart Car signed by all the notables during the evening, was bid on and won by the auctioneer himself - Matt Damon.

    "Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have thought that in our second year we could have achieved the awareness and support that will undoubtedly make a global impact," said Joelle Berdugo Adler, "I pray that we will take this incredible night and go forward in the most positive way and with the utmost of humility."

  • Update: A comment from a story at

    Matt Damon, who was in town for the One x One benefit gala which fights poverty and AIDS in Africa, also spoke about how being a new father was the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to him - "It is like I joined that wonderful club that I never even knew existed", said Damon.
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