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New York premiere for The Departed on 3 October

  • There will be no Boston premiere for The Departed, but the New York premiere will be on 3 October - reported at the Boston Herald. The press junket for the film will be held this week in New York, with the London premiere expected to be held on 20 September.

    We hear: That "The Departed" director Martin Scorsese has no plans to hold a staah-studded premiere in Boston before the mob flick’s Oct. 6 release. But, of course, there will be a New York premiere and benefit bash with Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon on Oct. 3. Do we sound bitter?

  • Not that anybody appears to care about the whole event from the lack of comments and feedback, but video footage from the One X One red carpet and the Seamus O'Regan interview is at this link. An AP report on the event is here, including:

    Damon also used the event as an opportunity to present his clean water agenda. He and producing partner Marc Joubert are making a documentary about the lack of clean water in Africa in hopes of raising money and awareness to help remedy the situation.

    Damon says since becoming a father to his newborn daughter he has become more sensitive to issues affecting children around the world.

  • Matt appears to have finished filming Ocean's Thirteen a week or so back.
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