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PGL no more, Jimmy Kimmel

  • There's a video at Access Hollywood from Tuesday's red carpet premiere of Feast. In a brief report at Variety Matt confirmed that Project Greenlight is officially dead.

    Blood and guts splayed across the screen as Bravo TV series "Project Greenlight's" "Feast" preemed at Sin City's Palms Casino Resort Tuesday night.

    Exec producer Matt Damon confirmed Project Greenlight's future saying, "It's dead in the water. But this film is a pretty good note to go out on."

  • Matt made a cameo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's prime-time show yesterday to spoof Kimmel's ongoing joke about Matt's non-appearance on the show. As reported by reader Jess:

    OMG Matt was finally on Jimmy Kimmel!!! i was just watching it and they had an hour special at 10 o'clock, and u know how jimmy always says, my apologies to matt damon, well he said we have a special guest tonight..Matt Damon and he purposely took a long time introducing him and then matt came out for like 1 minute and then jimmy said, sorry we are out of time. and then matt started going on a swearing rant and said telling him to go F himself. it was sooo funny and matt did a great job acting like he was furious. and then he stormed out.

  • Update: The video of Matt's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel is already available on ABC's website. Amusingly, it appears that Matt acted it out a little too well - many people on Kimmel's fan forums and other sites are convinced Matt's performance was for real. It will no doubt appear in completely the wrong context on YouTube within days.

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