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"Departed" update

  • From the Boston Herald:

    Scorcese making a splash with plans to film along the waterfront

    By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
    Friday, January 7, 2005

    Martin Scorcese's peeps rang up the Boston Film Office yesterday to secure permits to film his new Matt Damon-Leonardo DiCaprio flick, "The Departed", here for six weeks this spring. But the state's liaison to Tinseltown still insists tax relief is necessary to finally secure the project.

    "We're really excited about this," city Film Office czar Patte Papa told the Track. "They came in to scout before and have plenty of locations."

    Papa will be in charge of doling out the filming permits and said much of the local lensing will be done along the waterfront.

    But Mass. Film Bureau head Robin Dawson said she's still concerned that if the state doesn't provide some incentives, the movie could move to New York, which just enacted a new series of tax breaks for filmmakers.

    "I know that it is Scorcese's desire to film it here if the numbers work," she said. "Matt Damon has been working with us but we still need some kind of tax incentives to land the project. We'll be working closely with the city and Patte Papa to try to bring this in."

    Senate Minority Leader Brian Lees has refiled legislation to provide tax credits to filmmakers and Gov. Mitt Romney's peeps say he'll "look at any proposal that comes to his desk."

    But the measure is stuck in legislative purgatory.

    Dawson said she has taken Scorcese's location scouts to East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester and Jamaica Plain as well as to locations in Lynn and Revere. But if you ask us there are only two spots on the map that matter - Hopkinton and Fenway Park.

    Damon has already said he hopes to run the Boston Marathon April 18. And on April 4, as every Red Sox fan knows, the Olde Town Team has its home-opener at Fenway against the Yankees.

    No wonder Matt's lobbying for a Boston shoot. Do you think he'll be able to resist watching the World Series Championship flag unfurled in the faces of the hated Bronx Bombers?

  • Another Gawker sighting:

    A friend and I stopped at Starbucks on 8th Street and 4th Avenue, Astor Place in NYC, and Matt Damon came in today around 11:00. He was very nice, ordered to two Venti bar drinks, tipped more than $1.00, and left on his way. Unfortunately he caught me starring at him, but I am assuming he is quite used to it. Hew was dressed very casual in a navy knit cap, and again was extremely friendly to the workers, and put up with myself and my friend nearly dying near him!
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