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  • George Clooney mentioned the filming of Ocean's Thirteen in a USA Today interview:

    As for Ocean's 13, which Clooney is now shooting with new dads Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, "It's going great. It's really nice people and good friends. It's funny. There are children everywhere."

  • The official site for Jimmy Kimmel Live has a photo of Matt posing with Kimmel and others from the "interview".

  • Some of the press notes for The Departed are now available on the official website (and copied thanks to Will at the Totally Unnecessary Departed Board) - excerpts:

    "Matt brought a lot to the part of Colin," states Scorsese. "I love that you can see his mind working as Colin is trying to figure his way out of his latest predicament and save himself, even as he gets himself in deeper and deeper over his head. In a way, Colin is an even more tragic character than Billy, because he truly believes he will get away with everything and that, by aligning himself with evil, he has created an inroad to redemption, so to speak, represented by the upper class society of Beacon Hill and the State House-that golden dome he keeps staring at. In the beginning of the picture, you see Costello teaching Colin a false set of values and, by a certain point in time, Colin has no values at all."

    Matt Damon offers, "Working with Martin Scorsese is about as good as it gets for an actor. I learned so much just watching him shoot this movie. He has a great eye for behavior and for discerning what's real and what's not. So many of the brilliant moments for which he's been responsible have been those that delve into character. As actors, we love to explore those moments; that is one of the reasons we all want to do his movies."

    The director was not the only one who benefited from Duffy's expertise. Matt Damon confirms, "I'm from Boston, so there are cultural aspects of the city that are second nature to me, but that didn't address the subculture of the state police. To have a person like Duffy, with his breadth of actual experience, take me under his wing-it was everything to me. Duffy gave me information and showed me around and connected me with other state troopers. I was able to spend days with them, picking their brains and watching them in action. I even went on a ride-along and, at one point, went in on a drug bust with these guys. That's the kind of experience you can't approximate. It's really the fun part of the job," he smiles.

    [Producer] Brown remembers that he wasn't exactly smiling when he got the phone call about Damon's brush with Boston's criminal element…after the fact. "Matt calls and he's all excited because he's gone out on this ride-along. And I'm thinking, 'Thanks a lot, Duffy,'" Brown kids. "I mean, that's just great for Matt, but, as a producer, you worry about your star going out on a real raid with real police and real guns at a real crime scene. Obviously, it all worked out okay."

    For Damon, the time spent with the real troopers had an impact on his portrayal of Colin that went beyond the practical applications. "It was really humbling to see the troopers' commitment to what they do, often at tremendous risk. As I was thinking about Colin, I realized that, at some level, he must have a deep, deep disdain, not just for the law, but for police officers themselves. To be that close to that kind of selfless sacrifice every day and then to want to undo it says a lot about who he is. There were so many things I was able to bring to my performance that I would not have known without that time with the experts, so what Duffy did for me was incalculable," Damon states.

  • The new issue of the Canadian Hello magazine will focus on the Toronto Film Festival and include an interview with Matt. Can anyone forward scans of the article? From the press release:

    Highlights: An interview with generous Matt Damon and photos from the second annual One X One in Toronto.

  • Update: From Roger Friedman's column at Fox News:

    Ben Affleck didn’t let a little thing like winning the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival stop him from partying this week. He and Matt Damon both headed to Las Vegas to celebrate the launch of "Feast," the Dimension horror movie that won Project Greenlight this year. They tossed a small bash at the Palms Hotel followed by dinner at Little Buddha.
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