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People interview, Departed press conference, Trek debunked again

  • There's a new interview with Matt at People Online, including:

    PEOPLE: How did visiting Africa affect you?

    Damon: It's not some theory that someone's trying to explain to you. You're looking right at people who are living in extreme poverty, and it's really unnecessary. But what overwhelmed me the most was a sense of hope that I got, because I really felt like a lot of these problems are fixable. There are some really basic things that can be done that will have an unbelievable impact. So it's about educating people about that. Look, I'm learning too. I feel like I just started down this road – down what's going to be a lifelong trek – but it's most important that we all make it together.

    Were you happy with your Toronto fundraiser?

    I thought it was great. I mean, John Legend, I don't think there's anybody on the planet right now with a better voice. And how about Wyclef? When he got up (to sing with the African's Children Choir) – was that unbelievable! And how about when he turned to the kids and said to the translator, "Tell them to have fun," because they were on their best behavior. They've come from Uganda and they're trying to be polite and he's like, "No, no, no. Tell them to have fun!" And then they started dancing. My wife (Luciana) was crying just watching these kids because they were so happy.

  • Update: The People online interview is a longer version of the interview that appears in this week's magazine. The wonderful Sammie of Sammie 323's Effluvia has already scanned the page below:

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  • Photos from The Departed press junket in New York today with Matt, Martin Scorsese and Leo from Yahoo:

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • Update: The Star Trek rumor can formally die now with confirmation that Matt has never been approached - from IESB:

    So, the question is has Matt Damon been offered the role of James T. Kirk in the upcoming and yet untitled Star Trek 11, has the idea even come across his plate?

    Well, today during The Departed press junket in New York, the IESB had the chance to ask Matt exactly that, "Is there any truth to the rumor that J.J. Abrams has approached you to play James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie?"

    Damon was quick to say he hadn't heard anything about it. His publicist added that Abrams was joking when he said he would choose Matt to play Kirk and it's nothing serious. As we followed his publicist into the elevator we got a little more, "I think that it [the rumor] came out of a junket he [Abrams] was doing in Asia for Mission Impossible and from my understanding it was one of those hypothetical questions actors always get about who they'd like to work with and JJ threw Matt's name out there. But we've never heard anything on our end. I even called Endeavor, Matt's agency, to see if they had heard anything - they hadn't. There has been nothing from Paramount and I haven't heard anything from JJ's camp. I'm sorry there's nothing more interesting to report."
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