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Departed press

  • A transcript from one of the three (at least) press conferences for The Departed last week is available in two parts: here and here. There is no mention in the transcript of other film projects, such as a Bourne Ultimatum update. Thanks to Arnzilla at the Totally Unnecessary Departed Board.

    Matt was also included in interview clips on Extra, The Insider and Access Hollywood. The extended interview from Access Hollywood is available here, and the Extra clip here. With thanks to Clooney Network, here are the downloaded clips from The Insider and Extra.

    Other interview excerpts and random items are at the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, including:

    But there’s someone in Matt's life that he knows won't be so comfortable with the mob flick - his mom, Nancy Carlsson Paige.

    Damon told Edwards his mother's approval is hard won in films as graphically bloody as "The Departed."

    "My mom's been a teacher and has always been against violence in films," he said. "I will not do a movie with gratuitous violence (but) in this one it's necessary given the subject matter of the Irish mob."

    So will Mom skip the flick?

    "She'll go," said her son, flashing that matinee idol smile.
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