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Late Toronto reports

  • Some late finds from Toronto - in the blog of journalist Tanya Kim who interviewed Matt:

    My Sunday started great... A morning interview with Matt Damon before the ONE X ONE event that night, which he was hosting. (Interesting factoid: Matt Damon doesn't own a cell phone! So, how does his family reach him, we ask? He says, his wife always knows where to find him. Awwww!) He is everything he looks like he would be... really nice, genuine, articulate, intelligent. After the interview, I was truly inspired. I really want to find a way to contribute to the cause. He's not just a celebrity lending his name to a cause, he's genuinely passionate about it.

  • And comments from Tyrone Warner, who set up an interview, in another blog - excerpt:

    Once he [Matt] walked into the room and introduced himself to everyone, I was stuck by how normal he was. If I was walking down the street, I wouldn't have given him a second look, with his scruffy face, worn-in jeans and easy going manner.

    And during the interview, he really came across as a genuine, interesting and intelligent person who was passionate about his OnexOne hosting job and the charities he was involved in. Most celebs usually have a bad rep, or are known for their demanding attitudes, but Matt Damon is probably the most down-to-earth celebrity I ever met.

    So as Seamus O'Regan likes to say, good on you Damon, and keep up the good work!

  • A photo of Matt and Lucy in Toronto by Sean O'Neill for etalk.

    Image Hosted by

  • Update: A larger picture of one of the small photos posted previously is at People.

    Matt Damon knows 3-month-old Isabella is in good hands with mom Luciana as the couple introduces their baby girl to the wonders of shopping at a Miami shopping center on Friday.

    Image Hosted by
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