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"Departed" interviews

  • The east coast premiere for The Departed will be held tonight in New York (a LA premiere is scheduled for 5 October). In a taped interview on IESB (to be available on the web shortly), Matt confirms that he has finished filming Ocean's Thirteen and is currently preparing for the next Bourne film. The full list of locations for Bourne Ultimatum have not yet been announced, but definitely includes Pinewood Studios and Morocco (as confirmed by the crew listing on IMDB).

  • A brief interview promoting The Departed is here, including:

    Have you had personal experience of the kind of violence that The Departed explores?

    I saw a lot of violent things happen, but no more than most kids who grew up in Boston. I have this strange relationship with violence because my mother is a Professor of Early Childhood Education, specializing in non-violent conflict resolutions. So I hear about the gratuitous violence in cinema all the time. I'm careful not to do any of that. The characters all pay a price for the violence that they inflict on each other.
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