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Bourne Ultimatum casting

  • Variety reports that David Strathairn has been cast in Bourne Ultimatum.

    David Strathairn has booked roles in a pair of projects. Thesp will lense a lead role in Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures "The Spiderwick Chronicles" then will segue to the third installment of Universal Pictures "Bourne Identity" franchise.

    The Paul Greengrass-directed "Bourne Ultimatum" will again star Matt Damon as Jason Bourne who is on the run, hoping to solve the mystery of his past. Strathairn will play the leader of a secret operation which is hunting Damon's character.

  • The website for Margaret at Fox Searchlight now lists the film's release date as TBD 2007 instead of Fall 2006.
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