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American Cinematheque Tribute to Clooney

  • As Matt was unable to attend the American Cinematheque tribute to George Clooney, he sent a video from Morocco - details at AP and the Daily News:

    During the awards ceremony, video greetings from some of Clooney's best, but physically absent, friends showed on the screen. One clip featured actor Matt Damon arguing and appeasing angry patrons outside a cinema, and doling out wads of cash. The film that was inspiring the rapid refunds: Clooney's critically maligned "Batman & Robin."

    "George Clooney: An American Cinematheque Tribute" is set to air Dec. 13 on the American Movie Classics cable channel.

    Matt Damon sent a video from Tangiers, where he was shown personally refunding disgruntled moviegoers coming out of a "Batman & Robin" showing.

  • Matt talks about working in Goa and Bollywood films here.
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