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O13 update

  • An Ocean's Thirteen update from USA Today:

    Ocean's Thirteen doesn't hit theaters until June, but Friday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, several cast members came together to honor George Clooney with the 21st annual American Cinematheque Award.

    The actors also offered a sneak preview of what's to come in the Ocean's franchise.

    "Al Pacino is our bad guy, and Ellen Barkin works with him," teased a tuxedo-clad Clooney. "This is a story about revenge. One of our guys gets hurt by Al, and we go after him."

    Ocean's players past and present — Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Barkin and Carl Reiner — appeared on stage for the award ceremony (to be broadcast Dec. 13 on AMC), while Matt Damon and Catherine Zeta-Jones sent in taped tributes from remote locales.

    With Roberts and Zeta-Jones gone from Thirteen, Barkin is the new leading lady, and Clooney says she's "enough for all the men."

    "And George is all the man that any of us need," echoed a clearly tickled Barkin. She gets to kiss Damon in the film but said she would have preferred locking lips with a frequent set visitor for Brad Pitt: "I bet Angelina (Jolie)'s pretty good."

  • And another Cinematheque evening note here:

    Clooney turned the tables on his friends by showing a series of embarrassing photos, especially one of Cheadle decked out in his cowboy outfit in "Boogie Nights" and another of a young Matt Damon dressed in a gaudy suit.

    "Nights like this don't come by very often," Clooney said. "This is a celebration and a roast."
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