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More press from Tokyo

  • The first photo and report of the Ocean's Twelve press conference is at Japan Today, including:

    Before the press conference at Roppongi Hills, all attending media personnel had to sign a pledge not to write for any publication other than the one they were representing. It was also firmly pointed out that questions about the stars' private lives would not be tolerated.

    Several visiting reporters hung around outside the conference room to "get the scoop" afterward, but they needn't have bothered. Everyone was on their best behavior as the three stars just clowned around the whole time. Clooney got the ball rolling by joking that "I know that there has been a certain topic on everyone's lips for the past few days, so I am happy to tell you that my neck is alright."

    The stars will attend the Japan premiere of "Ocean's Twelve" at Roppongi Hills Arena tonight. Foreign-based media have been banned from that, also.

  • A brief report about the press meeting for Bourne is here, and two more photos are below.

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