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  • It took almost a week, but one paper has corrected the erroneous AP story about Matt's visit to Africa (it certainly wasn't for scouting film locations) - from the Mercury News.

    An item Oct. 19 in the People column erroneously reported that actor Matt Damon became involved with H2OAfrica while scouting movie locations in Africa. Damon joined the organization after a charitable trip to the continent with ONE, an American anti-poverty organization.

  • A press release about the Running the Sahara project and other updates on the film is available at the official website.

  • Another Oscar bait article for The Departed is at USA Today.

  • The public service announcement and other videos for is available at numerous sites, including youtube. Stills from the PSA and the B roll (1) are provided thanks to Clooney Project. Also below is the pop-up from the site.

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