Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
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  • A report about Bourne Ultimatum filming at Waterloo is here.

  • An amusing item from the New Britain Herald - excerpts:

    With Election Day right around the corner, Democratic candidate for the 5th District Chris Murphy is bringing out the big guns.

    Murphy has enlisted actor and Academy Award winner Ben Affleck to lend support. Affleck will appear at Murphy's campaign rally today at 1 p.m. in the Semesters Food Court of the Central Connecticut State University Student Center.

    Brian Schubert, campaign spokesman for U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, had a less positive view of Affleck's appearance.

    "Bennifer is going to bomb in New Britain worse than [the movie] 'Gigli,'" he said. "Now if Matt Damon were coming to town, that might be Oscar worthy."
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