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Matt Damon News Column
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From: (Anonymous) Date: November 6th, 2006 01:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Minnie Driver

I agree i don't no what Matt saw in that woman! I don't like her..and she is dishonest. So glad i don't watch the Graham Norton show, and glad i did not watch that episode if i did ever watch it..one day! Shes so rude!

I also thought about the timelines and i agree with you i thought Matt and Minnie were over before Matt met Winona?!But like said not not putting any truth to that theory! (But shes (dis)honest anyhow...so to me like that thing on Graham Norton is gonna be true!IMO) and what you said 'MP'about the dumping thing growing out of proportion, and going in Matt's favor i agree and wish..i would want Minnie at last to tell the truth and to clear Matt's name of this shit! He would get some attention for a little while but .. least the unwanted crap it out for good - but i just woundn't want it to hurt him or his career, thinking of that.

and agree 'MP' the false Minnie story (which someone asked about on IMDB the other week, and i had to tell them...and i think 'Jess' did aswell - that is was aload of crap! and Minnie was dishonest)... The 'Maaaaaaaaat Daaaaaaaaamon' thing from 'Team America'(which is so stupid and annoying!)along with Jimmy Kimmel thing (which i thought was funny and of course well acted out - but some people need to let loose and need to realise it was a joke! and certainly not real and Matt was just doing a great acting job.)...but like you said has made him look stupid to some pepole unfortunatly. But IMO i think they need to get real!

Sorry I've just gone on Felicity! But thanks for all the updates (Even the weird one from Minnie) all the Bourne Updates, can not wait for that film will be great! Your brill thankyou! Appreciated.
23 comments or Leave a comment