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Ultimatum in Spain, Running the Sahara

  • Bourne Ultimatum will film in Madrid from next Monday to Friday. The latest information is in this article - partly translated below.

    Matt Damon will begin on Monday the Madrid filming of "The Bourne Ultimatum" in notable places such as the station of Atocha, Términal 4 of Barajas airport, the Plaza de Canalejas and avenue Paseo de la Castellana.

    The filming in Madrid of "The Bourne Ultimatum" was going to begin Sunday, but it was delayed to Monday and extend for five days.

  • An email from the One campaign has been sent by Matt to all One subscribers about Running The Sahara, asking readers to sign up for email updates at this address. Part of the text:

    Right now, three human beings are attempting the impossible – running 4,000 miles across the Sahara Desert to raise awareness for the 1.2 billion people around the world who don’t have access to clean water. They will run 50 miles a day - for around 80 days - an amazing feat of human will and endurance.

    Through some friends, I learned about three men who will undertake a quest so amazing and symbolic that it could do an immense amount of good for Africans in extreme poverty. In a bold expedition that has never been attempted - 3 men, from 3 nations will run from the Atlantic coast of Senegal, through Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Libya, to the Red Sea in Egypt.

    My colleagues, including James Moll - a great filmmaker who won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 1999 - are documenting and promoting the expedition in our project called "Running the Sahara". As part of this effort, we've started a charitable initiative called H2O Africa, in a large part to raise awareness for clean water programs on the continent.

    Running the Sahara is happening NOW. These guys are there and they are going for it. And we want the world to sit up and take notice. These guys are my heroes, and I want to do whatever I can to support them and their mission.

    Next week ONE is sending a small team to Mali to catch up with the runners. The team will upload video and blog reports about the progress of the expedition!

  • Update: Casino Royale (Bond) director Martin Campbell is asked about the Bourne comparisons in this article:

    Q: Do other contemporary movies feed into the decision to reinvent Bond? I’m thinking of maybe The Bourne films with Matt Damon.

    Campbell: They are up to date movies. I love The Bourne Supremacy and Paul Greengrass is a very talented director, he has that documentary style which gives it a great sense of realism. But, yes, there’s that to think about.
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