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  • Remember the Lake Como marriage rumors last year? Here's an update from actor Kevin Nealon (who was married in Lake Como on 3 September 2005) - from

    Nealon: We got married in Italy last year, at Lake Como. We wanted to have nice, quiet affair. So we go to this town called Bellagio, and little do we know three weeks before we got there, Matt Damon had been there looking for a wedding chapel to get married in, and there was an article in a local paper saying that an American celebrity was coming there to get married.

    So we go up to our little wedding hall, and we were surprised because there was all this paparazzi in the square. And I realize they think I’m Matt Damon. So I came out and I apologized. I said, "I’m sorry, I’m not Matt Damon." But they followed us anyway — they got into an argument with our photographer, all these Italians yelling. The next morning we’re at breakfast by the water, and I notice somebody reading the local paper. Our picture was on it with the headline, "Non atta Matt Damon," which means, "not Matt Damon." We got four copies. It was pretty funny.

  • There's an interview with Matt in the current issue of Elle in Brazil - one quote is here, with my translation:

    Matt Damon, one of the stars of the film The Departed, tells Elle magazine in an interview this month that fame is disturbing [shakes him]. "I become more shy [introspective] all the time. It is frightening to have so many people yelling my name. It’s great for your ego, but it’s hardly worth the risk if it’s going to expose my personal life," he says.

  • From a Variety article on the crowded holiday release schedule:

    Universal faces mixed buzz on "Shepherd," but it's a big-budget, Matt Damon/Angelina Jolie vehicle with heavyweight actor-director Robert De Niro. The studio needs to show its talent it believes in the pic and swing for the fences.

  • On the official Warner Bros. 'For your consideration' Oscar campaign website Matt, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg are all now listed in the Supporting Actor category here for The Departed. Thanks to Arnzilla for the updated link.
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