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Daniel Bruhl in Ultimatum, Larry King, Running the Sahara

  • German actor Daniel Bruhl has confirmed to Die Welt that he has a small role in The Bourne Ultimatum playing the brother of Franka Potente's character. Matt and Bruhl are currently filming these scenes in Paris.

  • Update: Matt, Angelina and Robert de Niro will be on an upcoming Larry King Live in December. Alec Baldwin was on yesterday's show and talked about The Good Shepherd. Thanks to peachtrees for the alert.

    BALDWIN: He [de Niro] did "Bronx Tale," he directed, which was his other film, he directed. And then he didn't direct again for, I guess, it's like 12 or 13 years. I was quite a number of years. And as I was telling somebody today, that I ran into, we were discussing this film. I said it's very strange to do a movie and the director comes to give you the notes and the person that shows up is Bob De Niro. You know, and that's the director everyday. It was very interesting.

    And Bob is a lovely guy. He's a very thoughtful -- I can honestly say that in the work that I've done in films where I've been able to work with some great, great people, I mean, actors as well as designers and musicians and so forth, I've worked with so many wonderful people. You know what it's like. I mean, the great joy for me is who I get to meet. And Bob De Niro, he's such an artist. He was so painstaking about everything. It was really wonderful.

    KING: We'll be back with Alec Baldwin. His next will be the "Good Shepherd" directed by Robert De Niro, coming out in December. And by the way, Mr. De Niro will finally be on this program in connection with that film, along with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. And maybe we'll have Baldwin come too.

  • Update: Great photos from the filming of Running the Sahara are at the film's flickr page.
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