Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
Matt Damon News Column

London photos, Bourne

  • Paparazzi photos of Matt and family, including his father Kent, leaving Nobu restaurant in London on Friday are at Just Jared.

  • From an interview with Bourne Ultimatum actress Joan Allen in the Sunday Herald:

    Allen has evidently been well trained; try as I might, she keeps the plot of the forthcoming second sequel she's about to start shooting on a need-to-know basis. "I think they're still working on my storyline a little bit," she offers. "It's up for discussion right now, a little bit, about which way they want to go. If they want me to align myself with Bourne at a certain point... it's a big question mark right now."

    Noting that she will complete her part back in New York next January, I ask Allen why these films have so hit a nerve. She seems slightly at a loss for an answer. "They appeal to the mass audience," she shrugs. "I'm just very happy to be a part of the group."
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