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Telethon pics, Section 8

  • Watermarked pictures from the telethon are at isifa:

  • From an article about George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh's production company, Section 8, at the NY Times.

    In Hollywood, though, there is always the next project. And Mr. Soderbergh and Mr. Clooney are buzzing about their upcoming movies, including "The Jacket," a thriller about a military veteran who sees the future, and "A Scanner Darkly," starring Keanu Reeves. But they seem most excited about "Syriana," an espionage drama about politics and the oil trade set in the Middle East - and not just because they might end up making a lot of money; they probably won't. They do hope to leave something behind that writers and directors 30 years from now will want to look back on.

    "If it ends up being a wash, we win because we got some interesting stuff made," said Mr. Soderbergh. "Maybe that's not what you want to hear from a producer, but we can't lie."
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