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Premiere, reviews, Letterman

  • A reminder that The Good Shepherd will premiere tonight in New York and Matt is scheduled to appear on Letterman also tonight (Monday).

  • More positive reviews are at Newsweek, The New Yorker and Time. Some excerpts:

    Newsweek: And Roth's choice to build an epic around a character as hooded as Wilson is risky: it's a testament to Damon's skill and charisma that we care at all about this clenched careerist.

    Still, even if the movie's vast reach exceeds its grasp, it's a spellbinding history lesson. "The Good Shepherd" demands you watch it like a spy: alert, paranoid, never knowing whom you can trust, or who will stab you in the back.

    Time: The film focuses on Edward Wilson (Matt Damon), a composite of historical figures, who starts out wanting to be a poet and ends up being the bureaucrat at the center of some of the CIA's most notorious activities. Damon is terrific in the role--all-knowing, never overtly expressing a feeling. Indeed, so is everyone else in this intricate, understated but ultimately devastating account of how secrets, when they are left to fester, can become an illness, dangerous to those who keep them, more so to nations that base their policies on them.

  • Matt provides an update on The Bourne Ultimatum here, including news that he doesn't want to appear in another sequel. This may be against the opinion of his producers, as Frank Marshall has previously said he wants up to another two films, and a cast member recently said he was in negotiations for the sequel to Ultimatum.

    We thought "The Bourne Identity" was revealed at the end of the first film, but his "Supremacy" confirmed there was more to the story. Now, Matt Damon promises that the third film, "The Bourne Ultimatum" will finally find Jason Bourne knowing his whole story.

    "He will by the end of this one," Damon said. "I don't know how long we can ride that pony. Maybe he'll get a bump on the head at the end or something."

    There were originally three books in Robert Ludlum's series, though the movies have strayed far enough away that the possibilities are endless. Still, Damon thinks three should be it.

    "We have a story and we have a story to tell, but looking at it, to be fair, we go, 'Okay, I think this should be the last one' because I'm half joking, but how long can you [revisit it?] His search for identity is definitely going to come to an end."

    Answers don't always provide the solace that Bourne is seeking, and even Damon isn't sure he'll like the answers in Ultimatum. "I don't know if that guy can ever be happy."

    Damon continued to joke about the possibilities of a fourth film, in a "Rocky Balboa" sense of tapping the well 20 years later. "I would love that. If I'm like 100 pounds heavier, 'They pulled me back in! They won't let me go!' They're like, 'No, we don't give a sh*t about you. What are you talking about?' Yeah, I think that's actually probably the only way to do another Bourne movie would be to do it 20 years down the road."

  • Matt discounts the Star Trek rumors again here, but repeats his usual mantra that he would be interested if the script was right.
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