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TV show reports, O13 poster

  • Two scans from People magazine thanks to Sammie 323's Effluvia: Matt and Lucy at the Good Shepherd premiere and Angelina and Matt talking about the movie here.

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  • A report and more photos on the Hardball taping is here. I won't be posting any further stories relating to the Hardball comments - this won't be turning into a political blog.

  • There's a few reports on the 20/20 interview here and here. (One quote I have transcribed in full from the interview and is therefore more detailed than the source text.) Matt said at one point that he didn't realise Brad and Angelina weren't married.

    Damon and Jolie have the luxury of two very different approaches to a central issue: marriage. Jolie has repeatedly said she and Pitt are not talking about marriage. Damon, however, got married when making the film.

    Matt: "It had more of an impact on me than I thought it would, I would say that. I always thought that because we were trying to have kids and we already had the house in Florida and everything, and so I didn't... I didn't think it was going to really change anything necessarily, but it actually did."

    Q: "Did you know immediately that this was right?"
    Matt: "Yeah. It felt, it definitely felt terrific. We kind of just ran away and did it. But actually, I really like it. I like it with her."

    Sawyer asked both Damon and Jolie if they are able to trust anyone completely.

    "Sure, yeah, yeah," Damon said. "It's a kind of personal decision, I think, to kind of say, well, I'd rather be burned by somebody than to miss out on trusting someone who is trustworthy."

  • A first look at the Ocean's Thirteen poster is here.

  • From an article by columnist Lisa Bernhard at Fox News:

    It’s funny, "The Good Shepherd" may be the biggest film of Matt Damon’s career — but most of the hype is over Angelina Jolie.

    The film is Damon’s — and the taut political thriller succeeds due to the seething restraint of his career CIA career operative.

    Jolie’s emotionally mercurial performance as his predatory though spurned wife is key to further showing how dispassionate Damon’s character can be, but that’s about it. She’s one of several supporting players who effectively serve this purpose — she just looks a whole lot better doing it. Granted, it’s been a while since Jolie has talked. She’s wisely positioned herself as a sort of do-gooder Greta Garbo … a sexy enigma with babies slung on her arms.

    At movie premieres, the "lesser" stars (supporting players) usually walk the red carpet first, the bigger ones making a dramatic entrance at the end. So costars such as John Turturro, and the fabulous Lee Pace (look him up and rent whatever he’s been in — trust me) and even director and costar Robert De Niro, amiably spoke to the press before Damon and Jolie arrived.

    But Damon never loses that aw-shucks regular guy persona at these things. Even if he’s faking it, it works (and by all accounts he’s not — Damon’s one of the most beloved guys in Hollywood).

    Jolie, on the other hand, plays the part of a movie star to the hilt. There are the lingering, pouty poses for the paparazzi, and the fluttering bit of nervousness when talking to select members of the press. Few are allowed to stand on the red carpet at a Jolie premiere — most members of the media are relegated to behind a metal fence.

    Is this the same "earthy" woman who’s willing to fight for children’s rights in far-reaching places of the world? Granted, she appears to be doing a lot of good. It’s just jarring to sometimes see her sporting a Louis Vuitton bag while traveling to do it. Does it make her a hypocrite? On some level, maybe.

    Does it make her press savvy? Definitely — as this reporter and several others have devoted much ink and airtime to both her earthy and ethereal ways.

    Sorry, Matt.

  • In the first of the year's 10 best lists, Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers lists The Departed as his favourite film of the year here.
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