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  • A summary of the Hardball appearance from the Boston Globe:

    Damon wants Obama for president

    Illinois Senator Barack Obama. That's who Matt Damon wants to see get elected as president in 2008. "The Good Shepherd" star appeared with Robert DeNiro, the film's director, at the "Hardball College Tour" at George Mason University the other day and was quizzed on a number of subjects by "Hardball" honcho Chris Matthews. "But I would also say that I do some work with a group here in D.C. called Data," said Damon in the exchange that airs tonight.

    "They're part of the -- the parent organization of the One Campaign who prioritize Africa and issues of extreme poverty. And whoever's in there, Republican or Democrat, I hope -- I hope they take up that issue. And I will say that I disagree with George Bush about a lot of things, but his emergency plan for AIDS relief [in Africa] is... outstanding."

  • From the NY Post:

    "The Good Shepherd" had an exemplary story - it was just the casting that wasn't believable. In an interview with Chris Matthews on "Hardball" to air tonight, Matt Damon says his biggest problem with the script is that his character is married to Angelina Jolie - and ignores her because he's obsessed with his job and another woman. Matthews sums it up: "You're married to Angelina Jolie and you've got no time for her, which is kind of hard to believe."
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