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Matt Damon News Column
Hardball transcript, junket TV interviews
  • A transcript of the Hardball appearance is here, along with some video excerpts.

  • The junket interviews with TV shows were delayed until today (to allow GMA and 20/20 to have their 'exclusive' last week). Some excerpts from Extra and Entertainment Tonight are below, with videos also available at each site.

    "He’s a great friend," Angelina said of Matt. "Nobody has a bad thing to say about him. He’s nice. He’s a great father; nothing dark about Matt."

    Matt’s real-life persona is a far cry from his mysterious role in this new flick, directed by Robert De Niro.

    "We all know him as such a lovely person, so it is a big transition for him to do this," Jolie said of Damon’s on-screen portrayal.

    [On the love scene]
    "We're friends, and our families are friends, and our kids are now friends, and it's just, for all of those reasons, it's just inappropriate," agrees Angelina with a smile. "I think we just laughed about it. We talked about how neither of the people in our lives cared, because they know us."

    Speaking of home, Matt and Angelina had plenty to talk about on the set of the ROBERT DE NIRO-directed drama, because her due date was exactly the same as Matt's wife, LUCIANA. Ultimately, Angelina had baby SHILOH earlier than ISABELLA made her debut in the world this past summer.

    "Yeah, we saw it on the Internet, too, that they had their baby," says Matt, "and we were like, 'Can we please [have this child already]?' At that point we were dying to get it going, you know?"

    "I've met all three women in his life," says Angelina of Matt's new baby, his wife Luciana, and Luciana's older daughter, ALEXIA (from a previous relationship), "and they're all really great people, and very nice to be with and spend time with. They're fun and they're happy, so obviously someone's loving them and looking after them well."
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    From: jeff_in_utah Date: December 23rd, 2006 09:15 am (UTC) (Link)
    I saw Matt's and Robert DeNiro's appearance on Hardball the other day, and I have to say I found myself wincing much of the way through it as I thought, "Man, is Good Shepherd really in that much trouble that they felt they had to agree to appear for the entire hour on this crappy basic cable show on second-tier (at best) news channel MSNBC? They must be really desperate...how sad, and kind of embarrassing."

    Of course, Matt didn't say or do anything to embarrass himself during the appearance, but I just felt really uncomfortable for him that he had to promote the movie that way.

    Personally, I thought he came off as very authentic on the show when he was sharing some of his political views -- his contempt for the Bush administration was raw and undeniable, and the fact that his feelings were unfiltered was, to me, refreshing. But after giving a very negative impression as far as his feelings for Bush & Co., his statements of appreciation for Bush's AIDS program in Africa were just as heartfelt, and pointedly positive, so I don't think he did any harm to himself at the box office by revealing his left-leaning political colors in this appearance. The overall impression I think he gave, in terms of his political views, was one of passion for world affairs coupled with a genuine sense of fair-mindedness.

    Still, I really wish they hadn't felt like they had to stoop as low as doing an hour on basic cable to promote the movie. I hope the film is better than this promotional choice portends!

    - Jeff in Salt Lake City
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