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O13, interviews, links

  • The Ocean's 13 trailer is at AOL or YouTube, thanks to Clooney Studio.

  • Matt's interview on The Early Show is available here.

  • The complete video of the Charlie Rose interview is here, thanks to peachtrees.

  • The transcript of the interview on Larry King is here.

  • Sylvester Stallone mentions Matt as one of the few action stars of today here.

  • Details of the upcoming DVD editions for The Departed are here.

  • Time magazine compares Matt's roles in The Departed and The Good Shepherd here, thanks to Sammie323's Effluvia.

  • Excerpts from a review by Armond White of the New York Press:

    Every awards season, a superb film gets lost in the shuffle of pseudo-prestigious releases and holiday junk; this year the casualty is The Good Shepherd. Robert De Niro’s decision to make his second directorial effort a low-key epic about the moral cost behind the founding of the Central Intelligence Agency confounds all the nonsense that awards season fervor suggests is essential to film culture. The Good Shepherd is serious in ways most people have forgotten movies could be.

  • The Good Shepherd actor Mark Ivanir praises Matt's foresight for saving his life while filming here.
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