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Letterman review

  • Here's a summary of Matt's appearance on Letterman from the CBS site's Wahoo Gazette.

    MATT DAMON: Hey, look at the happy guy. Matt proudly wears layers of Boston Red Sox garb and is equally proud to show it off. Dave says the last time Matt was here (July), Dave razzed him about Alex Rodriguez signing with the Yankees after the Red Sox couldn’t raise another $15 bucks to satisfy the salary demand. Matt can now look back on that and laugh, wondering why or how anyone could pay a guy $25 million a year to bat second and whose “job it is to move a runner over.” Matt enjoys every minute of the Red Sox talk, the new World Series Champions of 2004. Dave finally has to put a stop to it when it looked like it could have gone on for another half hour at least.

    Matt flew home from Europe during a film shoot the final days of the World Series, begging George Clooney, who was directing the movie, for the favor. “I need to go home,” Matt told Mr. Clooney like a little schoolboy. Matt then went up to Boston to celebrate and enjoy the World Series parade through Boston. Matt was asked by Red Sox bigwigs, “Do you want V.I.P. tickets to the parade?” Matt told them, “No, I want to stand out in the rain and yell 'arrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!'"

    And that is the difference between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Remember back in October when I said I lost a lot of respect for Ben Affleck when he brought new girlfriend Jennifer Garner to Game 1 of the World Series instead of taking an old high school chum who couldn’t get tickets? Well, Matt would have taken an old bud. And Ben would have taken up the offer for the V.I.P. tickets to the parade. Of course, this is all just a guess on my part. I’m just trying to fill space here, is all.

    Matt told a very funny story about his divorced parents. Though divorced, his parents keep the family close-knit. Some years back, his father took the family, along with his ex-wife, out to a big dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of when they got married. The waiter came over and asked if they would like some wine. Dad says, "Of course! It's our 25th anniversary!" The waiter then announces the special event to the whole restaurant. Dad jumped up and said, "NO, NO! We’ve been divorced for 19 of them!" Ocean’s Twelve – it opens December 10 and it stars all of Hollywood’s biggest names.

  • A mini review from the Boston Globe.

    Daily Variety reports that Matt Damon, not Leonardo DiCaprio, will star opposite Robert De Niro in "The Good Shepherd." It's unclear why the "Titanic" star dropped out of the big-budget spy story, which DeNiro is producing and directing. Damon, by the way, did us proud on David Letterman's show the other night. Not only was our favorite movie star clad in Sox gear, but he gave Dave a heap of grief about the Yankees's high-priced third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

  • Matt still appears to be filming Oprah today in Chicago, but George Clooney will not appear. Casey Affleck will be on Letterman this Thursday, 2 December.
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