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  • Matt's episode of Inside the Actor's Studio is now confirmed as airing on 2 January. There's some new text and video footage at the official site.

  • Video footage of Matt jogging in Miami and being asked about British Prime Minister Tony Blair (who is vacationing nearby) is here.

  • Matt is quoted in a GQ interview with Robert De Niro here.

    "I was with Billy Bob Thornton recently, and Billy Bob said to me, because I was talking about working with Bob, ‘I feel like, every other actor, I kind of know how they’d be in real life. He’s the only guy that I have no idea what he’s like in real life. All the rest of them, I have an idea. De Niro is the only guy I really have no idea.’ And I think that’s a good way to describe him. I said to him, ‘You don’t.’"

  • From an Examiner article on 10 celebrities whose lives changed in 2006:

    9. Matt Damon: With a wife, stepdaughter, new baby and starring roles in two acclaimed movies (“The Departed” and “The Good Shepherd”), Matt made critics and fans realize how much he’s matured as an actor and a man. Like bud Ben Affleck, he’s mastered the art of living under the radar with his family.

  • A Good Shepherd article is here, including comments by Matt about the film's box-office chances. The movie is actually proceeding very well, and as of Thursday has made over $24 million.

    "I was telling (Jolie) it's going to be like a cult movie. We'll have a small following, but a very loyal one."

  • The full scan of the Star picture of Matt and Isabella previously linked is below, thanks to Sammie323's Effluvia. Sammie has also scanned a short and familiar interview with Matt here, the comments by Mark Ivanir here, and the Us Weekly review here.

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