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  • From the Carpetbagger:

    Breaking: Damon drinks beer, pays cash, tips well

    The Baguette admits she crushed on Matt Damon at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards ceremony. His Everyman routine — drinking a beer and talking to everyone, while Leo DiCaprio took off like he was fleeing a sinking ship — was endearing.

    Mr. Damon face lit up when he spoke about his old pal Ben Affleck, with whom he shared an screenwriting Oscar in 1997 for "Good Will Hunting," getting a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor for "Hollywoodland."

    "It’s great that he’s in that kind of conversation again, you know what I mean?" Mr. Damon said. And he scoffed at those who talked about Mr. Affleck’s comeback. "What are you talking about, he’s making a comeback? Where the hell do you think he went? He’s a great actor. He’s always been a great actor."

  • From the NY Daily News:

    It's Damon in the 'Good,' the unclad & the ugly

    Nudity was the topic of choice for Matt Damon and other actors at the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards Sunday night.

    Damon told us what it was like swinging loose in Robert De Niro's spy drama "The Good Shepherd" when his character was initiated into the Yale secret society Skull & Bones in a naked mud-wrestling ritual.

    "You go, you take off all your clothes, you get lathered up with mud and you wrestle," said Damon, who did it even though he's "36 years old and my naked wrestling days are over." The worst part? "It was cold. We shot it at Bronx City College in the basement in this room that they had redone, and it was wintertime and the big doors we needed to get the equipment in were open. It was demeaning enough to do the wrestling, but then all huddled and shivering." Yet sizable? We didn't ask.

  • And the NY Post:

    We hear: That Matt Damon told pals at Casa Casuarina during the party for the launch of Jonathan Cheban's new clothing line Kritik that, "It's past my bedtime" at 12:30 a.m., but left closer to 2 in the morning.

  • More photos from the New York Critics Circle awards arrivals are here or here.
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