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Ultimatum to film in Berlin

  • The Bourne Ultimatum will be filming in the Berlin city centre from late January - details here.

  • A few more details on Ultimatum are at Anne Thompson's Risky Biz blog:

    I was trying to get director Paul Greengrass to tell me more about The Bourne Ultimatum, which he's been shooting in Europe. He admitted that action was important: he felt the need to top his last Bourne sequel in that sense. OK, and? I understand that Matt Damon has a fierce young nemesis. There's more of Julia Stiles this time. And contrary to some speculation, Bourne will survive to star in another sequel.

  • The Departed did not win Best Picture - Drama at the Golden Globes, but Martin Scorsese did win for Best Director. In his acceptance speech Scorsese correctly credited each actor in actor, including "Matt Damon, great actor."
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