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New York area filming for Bourne

  • After being mentioned at a local Council meeting on January 11, it has been confirmed that Bourne Ultimatum will be based in Bayonne, New Jersey for the next three months - details here. (The IMDB has listed the film as being in post-production, but they've based it on an incorrect Variety report. As seen by this news, Ultimatum will be filming for a long while yet.)

    Blockbuster film rents Bayonne studio space for three months

    While no one can promise an appearance of Matt Damon, the production company charged with doing the New York City sequences of the new movie "Bourne Ultimatum" has rented studio space in Bayonne for the next three months.

    Nancy Kist, executive director of the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority, said Beach City Productions has rented the building 74 for three months in order to do filming.

    "While I can't promise you that Matt Damon will be here, the crew will be here filming the portion of the film set in the New York area," Kist said.

    Beach City Productions will pay the BLRA $66,383 for the use of the studio from Jan. 11 to March 31.

    "They are already on site," Kist said.

    Although music videos and advertisements had been filmed here, this is the first major production to use the Bayonne studios since Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" was partly filmed there in 2005. Prior to that, the studio had been used for the production of "Oz" and "A Beautiful Mind."

  • More comments on Matt's Oscar snub (or more accurately, the latest in an ongoing season of snubs) are at the following: USA Today, Reel Talk, Buffalo News, Orlando Sentinel and the Boston Globe, below.

    This may be the year of Oscar's coldest shoulder. Matt Damon ("The Departed" and "The Good Shepherd") and Sacha Baron Cohen ("Borat") were snubbed, as expected, even though they gave three of the most intriguing performances of the year.

  • Matt may attend a Barack Obama fundraiser on February 20 in Los Angeles, but he would likely be filming elsewhere.

  • The runners of Running the Sahara have now crossed two-thirds of the Sahara - an update is at the United Nations website.

    Charlie Engle of the United States, Ray Zahab of Canada and Kevin Lin from Taiwan, province of China, crossed from Niger into Libya on Saturday, completing some 3,800 kilometres of their 6,437-kilometre-long extreme quest that is taking them from Senegal on the Atlantic Ocean to Cairo, UN Development Programme (UNDP) spokesperson Irena Mihova told the UN News Service today.
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