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Best signers list

  • Further to yesterday's casting note about The Good Shepherd, the following information from the original story in Variety about a potential financier should be noted as a caveat:

    Neither Jolie nor Damon will close their deals until Morgan Creek's participation is finalized. Pic was on firm footing until late last year, when Initial Entertainment Group ankled over budget concerns.

  • From an interview with Robert deNiro on Thursday's Extra program:

    TR: What's next for you?
    RD: I'm trying to direct a movie. I will direct it; I'm just trying to get it all together.
    TR: What's it called?
    RD: "The Good Shepherd."

  • Matt was named the second best celebrity autograph signer in the latest edition of Autograph Collector magazine behind Johnny Depp.

  • Matt and girlfriend Lucy are on the cover of the Argentinian weekly magazine Semana. The Spanish text is available presently at this link, but it includes no new information (although it does have some creatively imagined sequences).
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