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Ultimatum filming in Berlin this week

  • The Bourne Ultimatum will be filming this week in Berlin, mostly in night shoots. An article at Die Welt claims Matt has asked for a closed set (closed to press and spectators), but says he will answer questions about the film at the upcoming Berlinale.

  • An interview with Robert de Niro at The Times.

  • A brief article about Matt's meeting with author Tom Mangold in his Chiswick home in preparation for The Good Shepherd is here, including a photo and this excerpt.

    Mr Mangold said: "Paul Greengrass who directed Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy is a friend of mine. He phoned me up and said that Matt Damon was playing Angleton in a film and he wanted to talk to me and he asked if he could come round."

    The former Panorama journalist, who claims to have seen "every spy film ever made", said that Damon was "absolutely lovely and totally unselfconscious" during their three hour chat.

    He added: "We talked a lot of Hollywood gossip and then we spoke about the CIA and what motivated Angleton."
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