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Matt Damon News Column
Berlin photos
  • Photos of Matt walking to his hotel in Berlin are at WENN (two below). Filming for Bourne Ultimatum in Berlin should now have ended and cast and crew will next move to New York.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • Update: A photo from People:

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Matt Damon bids his German fans a warm Guten Tag while taking a break on the Berlin set of his action-thriller The Bourne Ultimatum on Thursday. This is the new dad's third outing as the amnesiac, former government assassin.

  • Update: Another report on Matt's possible involvement in Revolutionary Road is at the Daily Mail:

    Kate and Sam's Damon dealing

    Kate Winslet, one of three British Best Actress hopefuls at the Oscars, wants to star with Matt Damon in her first film with husband Sam Mendes.

    The couple want to adapt Richard Yates's post-war novel Revolutionary Road and Mendes hopes to direct the movie next year.

    Meanwhile, Damon, who has been working with director Paul Greengrass on The Bourne Ultimatum, has said he's not yet free to shoot Revolutionary Road, in which he and Kate would play Frank and April Wheeler, a couple living in the Connecticut suburbs in the Fifties who find that the American dream has passed them by.

    I understand, however, from those close to Mendes and his producers at BBC Films and John Hart productions that, although Damon hasn't signed up yet, he wants to do the film and all concerned are prepared to wait for him.

    Having read Yates's 1961 book, I can see that both Kate and Damon would be perfect as the Wheelers. We all know Kate can tackle anything, but Damon's no stranger to serious acting - just wait until you see him as a CIA spook in Robert De Niro's epic The Good Shepherd, which will have its European premiere next week at the Berlin Film Festival.

  • Update: Some quotes are appearing online from a likely print interview, perhaps timed to coincide with the UK release of The Good Shepherd - maybe Arena, GQ or Esquire (UK). The first quote was about George Clooney here, and the latest repeats the theme of a Washington Post interview in July 2004 - here.

    Hollywood actor MATT DAMON turns up to interviews as his alter ego 'Mr Smiley', in order to give away as little information as possible and keep his private life private. The 36-year-old - now a happily married father of one - credits ex-girlfriend and GOOD WILL HUNTING co-star MINNIE DRIVER for the useful tip, which Damon admits has helped him deal with life in the spotlight. He says, "Early in my career, Minnie told me to create a character. She told me that whenever I did interviews I should be this other guy, Mr Smiley. "I still bear that in mind 10 years later - this boring, smiley guy, turns up and does my interviews for me, which lets me get on with my life."

  • I'm on holidays for the next week and will be unable to update the site. Could readers please post any news, photo links etc in the comments section. Thank you.
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