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Holiday update

  • Photos of Matt jogging in Miami from Mavrix:

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • Martin Scorsese won the Director's Guild award - photos of the ceremony at Just Jared.

  • A new book by a former Democratic fund-raiser includes references to Matt and Ben here:

    There are, however, six and a half pages on a memorable trip to Camp David with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (there’s bowling!)...

  • An interview with Matt at the UK Telegraph is here. Thanks to Jan.

    But Hollywood A-listers will do that to secure Damon's services. That is where his career is at right now. He's a proper power-player – he makes movies happen. Not that he has the swagger to match: he insists his ego isn't bruised by knowing that someone else may have been attached to a project before him.

    'That's the way it works,' he says evenly. 'Every script has someone else's fingerprints on it. For years Tom Cruise's fingerprints were on every script. I don't think I was even the second choice for the [Good Shepherd] part. I was probably somewhere down the line. But to me, you want to just be on that list. And try to stay on that list. And not be comparing yourself to other people on that list.

    ...'It's not the running that wears me down,' he announces to the crew as he hops down from the treadmill, 'it's the overacting.'

    Matt Damon is wholesome and smart, and ridiculously fit and healthy. But he is too buzzingly enthused to be dull or worthy. He is a great conversationalist and thoroughly friendly. He likes a beer and boxing; he and Mark Wahlberg are planning a film about two real-life fighters from Massachusetts. He is excited that the upcoming Ocean's 13 film is launching with a splash at Cannes; he has never been. He is equally thrilled by his cameo roles in Coppola's next film Youth Without Youth, and in Margaret by the writer-director Kenneth Lonergan, in whose play This Is Our Youth he appeared on the London stage in 2002.

  • Another interview is at the Adelaide Advertiser here, including:

    Luciana also has a daughter, Alexa, from a previous relationship. "The personal joy that comes from having a child is indescribable," Damon said. "It's like trying to explain a perfect guitar chord - there aren't really words for how great it is." Smiling, he admits his wife's previous experience as a mother has been helpful, but she also has forced him to find his own way. "For the first few months I kept handing the baby over saying: 'Why is she crying?'"My wife would say: 'I don't know. Just because you've raised one child doesn't mean you have all the answers. You have to figure it out, too.' "But the marriage has been great, better than I ever thought, I have to say. She is a great mother and partner and she's perfect for me in every way. It just keeps getting better."
  • Please continue to post updates and news in the comments section. Thank you.
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