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Oscars clip, DVD details, Berlinale

  • A clip of Matt and Ben's Oscars win and acceptance speech is at YouTube.

  • A review of the two disc special edition DVD of The Departed is here. The same DVD will be released in Australia on 14 March.

  • The only extras on The Good Shepherd DVD will be 16 minutes of deleted scenes - details here.

  • There are rumors that Matt and George are in Springfield, Illinois, for an event to support Barack Obama - here - however, Matt's expected in Berlin today and George is in pre-production for his next film in South Carolina.

  • There will live video streaming of the Berlin photo-call, press conference and red carpet premiere of The Good Shepherd today at the Berlinale site.

  • Update: Matt's already in Berlin and definitely not in Springfield. The first report from Die Welt:

    Matt Damon is at the Hotel de Rome. At the bar of the hotel, he met his friend Robert De Niro for a couple of drinks at 6pm yesterday. During the Berlinale Damon is supporting a cause of the U2 star Bono.

    To support the organisation DATA, created by Bono in 2002, Damon (in worn jeans and a white shirt), in a room across from reception, taped statements for video cameras, including in Japanese and Italian.
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