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Fake nose for O13 confirmed - called 'The Brody'

  • In an interview with Berlin's Morgenpost, Matt confirms that he will be wearing a fake nose in Ocean's Thirteen, and that it was called 'The Brody'. The fake nose was previously outlawed by Harvey Weinstein for use in The Brothers Grimm, and almost shut down production of that movie. My translation follows:

    "Ocean's 13" is coming up. And again you had to use make-up.
    Matt Damon: Yes, and this time my character despaired in such a way that he wants to mask himself. With a fake nose; we called it "The Brody"...

    After the large-nosed actor Adrien Brody...
    Matt Damon: All of this had its origins with "Brothers Grimm". Terry Gilliam wanted unconditionally for me to wear a fake nose, such a small thing. But the producers, the Weinstein Brothers, absolutely forbid it, claiming the entire film would have failed. Harvey Weinstein raved: "I have paid 18 million for a star, and then nobody recognizes him." When Steven [Soderbergh] heard of it, he gave me one for "Ocean's 13" immediately. In order to prove the opposite.

    Other quotes:

    In the third film do you finally move into the A-league next to George Clooney and Brad Pitt?
    Matt Damon: At the end of the film they acknowledge him finally as one of their own; I can say that. But Linus must pay always the price. The 14th in the alliance is this time Al Pacino. I jumped for joy when I heard that. Only unfortunately I have not got a single scene with him. But I have many scenes with Ellen Barkin, and she has scenes with Pacino. Therefore in a certain transcendence, I also have scenes with him.

    On the cast of O12:

    Are you actually something akin to friends? Is that possible?
    Matt Damon: I believe that is something we have already become. If you film so often together, something like fellowship emerges. It is also great that Steven is also presenting here at the Berlinale his new film.

    Do you miss your younger years?
    Matt Damon: I would be happy to always be 19. I was not grumpy when I woke up. But my life is always getting better. I already look forward to my forties.

    You have just filmed your second Bourne film in Berlin. Does it feel like home?
    Matt Damon: Yes, very. The previous film was also set in Berlin. Also, as I don't have to remind you, that scenes that were actually set in Moscow we also filmed here. This time Berlin in the film will play no role. It's Moscow again. Therefore we came here (laughs). I'm sure all Berliners will laugh once they see that. But I love Berlin a lot. I hope that I may film here again soon. It is such a great city, with so many facets. It can be west and east, Berlin and Moscow. You have also one of the best film crews in the world. And I can't forget Babelsberg. That is like a Hollywood studio.

  • Cate Blanchett called Matt's performance in The Departed "absolutely brilliant, because you cannot see him act" when discussing how show-boating and over the top performanes always win awards - at the Morgenpost.

  • Updated: A moderated discussion from Berlinale with De Niro and Matt is discussed here, with Matt mentioned by various newspapers as having saved the occasion when De Niro was at his monosyllabic best. A photo taken at the event from Spiegel is below.

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