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Sightings, Greengrass project

  • A Gawker sighting of Matt and family in New York here. And a sighting from the Miami Herald here.

  • Matt has confirmed he will be in the cast of the upcoming Paul Greengrass film based on the book of Imperial life in the emerald city by Rajiv Chandrasekaran - as translated by bluekermit from a a Brazilian article here:

    As an actor, he has already guaranteed his spot in the cast of the movie Greengrass will make about Iraq.

  • A great romantic gesture with a strong Bourne connection here in a story about Jasin Boland, the stills photographer for Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. Updated with a photo link here.

    Hollywood photographer Jasin Boland, 41, secretly bought his girlfriend a luxury waterside home in the heart of England's beautiful Cotswold nature reserve.

    He covered the house in decorated waterproof paper and flew in German girlfriend Maria Moral Pena, 28, by private helicopter to unwrap her new home.

    The house had been wrapped in paper decorated with red hearts and topped off with a giant pink ribbon and bow.

    The couple, who also have homes in Australia and Germany, met three years ago on the set of Hollywood blockbuster The Bourne Supremacy.
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