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  • As The Good Shepherd is released today in Australia, a new interview is at the Herald Sun, conducted at the recent Berlinale (some quotes in the article are the same as those from previously quoted Berlinale interviews) - excerpts below.

    Bourne as back-up

    "Luckily, I really like the Bourne series, so I don't feel like it's the one where I have to pay at the office," Damon says with a laugh.

    "But I knew I had the third Bourne movie, so it did enable me to do Syriana and The Departed. Marty's (Scorsese) movies classically don't do so well at the box office, so you take it knowing you're maybe going to drop a peg in the eyes of Hollywood, that it might not be a financial hit.

    "I had a feeling Syriana wasn't going to be much of a financial hit either, and The Good Shepherd was long and a little cerebral.

    "I signed up for those three because I loved them and because they were the best scripts available, but I also knew that in the middle distance I had that third juggernaut waiting to be made, so I could factor that in a little bit."

    A GWH anniversary DVD

    The time would appear ripe for a commemorative DVD edition of [Good Will Hunting], but Damon laughs off the idea.

    "No, that would require (producer) Harvey Weinstein putting more money into the movie and I don't think we're going to do that unless he figures he can get it out the other side," Damon says. "But I'd love to do it with Ben and (director) Gus van Sant and Casey (Affleck). That would be fun."

    The proposed Departed sequel

    With the Bourne and Ocean's franchise in his catalogue, Damon is up for a sequel if he thinks it's worthwhile, but he's not in the know about the planned Departed sequel and prequel.

    "I read that, too, and I've been racking my brains about how we'd do it," he says of the film, which ended with one of the highest body-counts of any film last year.

    Living in Florida

    Damon, who lives in Florida so his step-daughter can be close to her father, now has something besides scripts and directors to consider when deciding what roles to take.

    "The real consideration is my step-daughter and her life and her friends," he says.

    "If it's a few months we have a tutor we can use, but it's a consideration now. That's all part of the decision-making process."

  • And Team America somehow came up again at the Herald Sun.

    Damon laughs when reminded of it.

    "I never got it until my wife heard an interview with those guys. Apparently the puppet came in the day before they were going to shoot with it and they said he looked kind of retarded and they didn't have time to change it so they just made me retarded.

    "I know those guys a little bit, I used to hang out with them in LA and they're really funny guys, so I was really happy they included me in the movie. I just wish it was a more defining characterisation, but I guess the retarded thing makes sense."
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