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Grimm release date moved up

  • In what could either be very good news (Gilliam got final cut and is happy) or very bad news (Gilliam gave up, is concentrating on Tideland and Miramax won); The Brothers Grimm has been given a new release date of 29 July 2005 instead of late November. Grimm will open against Elizabethtown, The Dukes of Hazzard and Stealth, according to Filmjerk. The final rating details are:

    The Brothers Grimm (Miramax Films): PG-13 for violence, frightening sequences and brief suggestive material

  • The release date for Syriana is currently 16 September 2005.

  • From an interview with George Clooney's girlfriend/wannabe Lisa Snowdon in Australia's OK magazine, talking about her time in Rome during the filming of Ocean's Twelve:

    Question: Who did you hang out with?
    Lisa: I spent a lot of time exploring the city on my own - it's a great place to do that. I also hung out a lot with Matt Damon's girlfriend, Luciana, who was there with her little girl, [name removed]. She was a very cute five-year-old and gave us a great excuse to stop off for ice creams! Everyone else was busy on set and filming all over Rome. I didn't go out that much with Jennifer [Aniston], but we did hang out in the hotel quite a lot.

  • Thanks to Jeri Jo for her description of an episode of new TV show Medium, in which Matt played a strange role last week:

    The show stars Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber, and in a scene where Arquette was waiting for her boss, who is a cop that she does ESP work for, she was reading a magazine that featured an article about Matt, including a big picture. She carted it around until she settled at a desk to review old cases, lying the magazine aside. She shares this office with the police sketch artist who brings in a victim to describe the man who shot her lover. The woman describes Matt from the magazine!!! Midwestern-looking, short hair, nice teeth. Yah, that's Matt all right. So Arquette can't tell the artist the sketch is wrong, as she's "senses" the real perp, who's African-American with dreadlocks, from the woman's thoughts. Arquette sketches the real perp and hands both pix to her boss. He verifies that Dreadlocks is the killer then asks who the guy in the other pix is. "I think it's Matt Damon," she replies.
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