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Ultimatum still, updates

  • The new still from Bourne Ultimatum in Empire magazine (previously mentioned by Jan) is below.

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  • Some quotes from the Empire article - the author was invited onto the Waterloo station set:

    Greengrass shows Empire a five-minute animatic of the scene and, even in incomplete form, it's exceptionally tense stuff, with thumping music, claustrophobic camerawork and a gripping climax.

    "The film has to have a certain number of elements in it that people liked from the other movies - but you don't want to repeat yourself," says Damon. "It's like, you wanna do a car chase because the car chase in the last one was so great, but you can't do the same car chase because everyone goes, 'They're selling me the same pair of sneakers - again!' That's one of our concerns."

    So while there is a car chase - set in New York - there will be other elements that are brand-new to the Bourne series, including an interesting structure which sees the last shot of Supremacy replayed at the beginning of Ultimatum's third act; the first two acts are used to fill in the blanks concerning Bourne's journey from Moscow to New York, via London, Paris, Madrid and Tangiers.

    "We have this big sequence in Tangiers that's unlike anything we've done," says Damon. "It's pretty great."

    "When I've been working here I must have had a hundred people over the last couple of days come up and say, 'I love Bourne, I can't wait to see that movie," says Greengrass. "No pressure then! But I think the answer to that lies in the answers we give in the film. The first two films were about the questions. This one is about answers."

  • A fun interview from Berlinale, with some very unconventional questions, is at YouTube, thanks to Jess.

  • A report from the German 'One' site about Matt's support for the cause and recent filming of the TV spots for "your voice against poverty."
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