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Ben quote, Obama, Ultimatum in NY

  • Update: A photo from People:

    Take five
    And...cut! While filming The Bourne Ultimatum in New York City, Matt Damon gets a case of the munchies on Friday.

    Image Hosted by

  • A quote from Ben in the Australian magazine Filmink:

    You've known Matt Damon for some time also; will you be collaborating together on a project in a major way again, like you did with Good Will Hunting:

    Well, it would happen if we had time. I wanted to take this break, and then Matt had three or four incredible opportunities back to back, which he couldn't turn down. Then I directed this movie Gone Baby Gone, and we've just never had the time. Each time we see each other we mention it. Now, just as I'm about to finish editing my movie, Matt says, 'Alright! I gotta go to London! I'm doing the next Bourne film'. But hopefully it will happen one day."

  • A lengthy interview with Matt (in German) is at, including confirmation of Matt's support for Barack Obama (my translation):

    Who is your favorite to be the next President?

    I am totally convinced about Barack Obama. He is great, the first politician in my life I wholeheartedly support. Our country for a long time has needed strong guidance, and we have been missing someone as convincing and brilliant as him.

  • Photos of David Strathairn and Joan Allen filming in New York are here, and video footage of the set (but you can't see much) is at YouTube.

  • The previously linked video on YouTube of Matt and Ben's Oscar win has now been removed for copyright reasons.
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