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  • Ben praised Matt's performances of last year in an article at the LA Times on 10 January.

    We all have our favorite films and performances of the year, but that got us wondering: What are the favorites of some Golden Globes winners and nominees?

    Ben Affleck (supporting actor nominee for "Hollywoodland")

    "I thought Matt [Damon] was pretty great in 'The Departed' and 'The Good Shepherd.' 'Shepherd' might have been my favorite performance of the year."

  • Other comments from Sharon Stone in EW and actor James McAvoy (Last King of Scotland) in the Sunday Mail:

    Sharon Stone on The Departed: "It’s really great. Matt Damon is so good in it."

    James McAvoy: "It's like The Departed. Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated but Matt Damon wasn't, even though he was exceptional in that film. I suppose some roles have that type of thing that attracts awards and some don't and I'm really happy for Forest."

  • A new review of The Good Shepherd at The Scotsman

    Increasingly staking a valid claim as one of the key stars of his generation, Matt Damon replaces Leonardo Di Caprio who was originally announced for the role of spymaster Edward Wilson, a composite character based on long-serving CIA executive James Jesus Angleton and fellow operative Richard Bissell. An Oscar-winner for his screenplay of Good Will Hunting, Damon has balanced the commercial muscle of the Bourne series and the Ocean's Eleven capers with the decision to work for some of the best directors around including Coppola, Scorsese, Spielberg, Terry Gilliam and Gus Van Sant.

    The Good Shepherd is a demanding role because Wilson is meant to be a master of poker-faced inscrutability. Professionally he is trained to give nothing away and it's an attitude that also seeps into his private life. Emotion is a luxury he can't afford, feelings must be repressed and there is only the twitch of a muscle or the furrowing of a brow to suggest internal anguish. He is a blank page on which a story can be written and it is to Damon's credit that he remains true to the quiet reserve of Wilson's nature without sacrificing our interest in the character.

  • From EW's Must List, Ten Things We Love This Week, Snubbed by Oscar edition:

    His work as a whip-smart cop working for the Boston Mob in The Departed--and as a buttoned-down secret agent in The Good Shepherd--was thoughtful, restrained, and brilliant.

  • The athletes of Running the Sahara should finish their journey today, if they haven't already. Details from the Ottawa Citizen:

    Zahab, an Ottawa-based runner, personal trainer and motivational speaker, is only a few days shy of becoming one of the first people to run across the Sahara Desert. On Nov. 1, 2006, Zahab, Charlie Engle of the United States and Kevin Lin of Taiwan started the 6,437-kilometre journey called Running the Sahara, and they're projected to finish as early as tomorrow or Monday.

    For the final few days of this unprecedented expedition, which is being filmed by National Geographic for a documentary narrated by executive producer Matt Damon, Zahab will have the support of his wife, Kathy Adams, other family members and friends.

    Naturally, he has lost some weight, but he still looks strong. When he's not making his way through the Sahara, he's marvelling at the starry nights and speaking with the gracious citizens, the Tuaregs.

  • From an interview with Eva Mendes at the SMH:

    Mendes says she just "doesn't get the whole fame and celebrity thing", and her good friend Damon tried to warn her about it a few years ago.

    "I remember not long after we first met Matt said to me, 'Fame is going to be so strange to you because you're going to stay the same but everyone around you will change', and I was like, I don't really get that. Whatever. "Cut to three and a half years later and I completely get that. That's exactly what happened."

  • From an interview with Matt at the Australian Daily Telegraph:

    If De Niro has his way The Good Shepherd will be the first in a trilogy about the CIA - a goal Damon concedes would have been assisted by Oscar recognition. As it is, the film was overlooked for nominations in all major categories. "In that sense it was disappointing just because they have a quantifiable financial benefit to your bottom line and in our case we need to get our bottom line up if we're going to be allowed to go do this again," Damon says.

    "I don't know if the other award shows are very good predictors - most of the awards are pretty much a joke - but you could kind of sense that was the way it was going to go."

    Currently in New York filming The Bourne Ultimatum, the third instalment of the popular amnesia franchise, Damon will be watching on Oscar night to see how his colleagues from another film fare. His director on The Departed, Martin Scorsese, is widely tipped to take home top honours.

    "He's deserved it so many times in the past and that's why I'm tuning in this year, to see that award and hopefully to see Marty win. There'll be a riot if he doesn't get it, people will go crazy," he laughingly predicts.

  • From the New York Times on 4 February, details of the LivePlanet project:

    One of the first shows that will appear on Bud.TV is called "Finish Our Film," a mash-up of reality show and making-of-a-film documentary that will be produced by LivePlanet, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's production company, best known for "Project Greenlight." LivePlanet will shoot the first and last minutes of a short film and ask hopeful auteurs to plot out the middle. The person with the best treatment will be invited to Los Angeles, and every last moment of the moviemaking process (or ordeal) will be captured on digital tape.

  • A gossip item from the Daily Star on 21 January:

    Makers of the Lance Armstrong biopic movie - set to star Matt Damon as the cyclist - can't decide what kind of film to make. They are torn between doing a Chariots Of Fire-style inspirational drama about his overcoming cancer to win the Tour de France a record seven times or a more gritty one about his tangled love life and doping allegations.

  • Matt talked about his favorite film of all time to Cindy Pearlman for her book "You Gotta See This":

    Matt Damon: "The Godfather: Part II," 1974. "Oh, God, I like everything about it. The acting is so good that I sit there and wonder if I could ever do anything that great. You look at Pacino and Brando and think, I've seen this film a hundred times, but it's fresh every single time.'"
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